Exploding Squash at Wishetwurra Farm.

The winter squash and pumpkin patch is exploding.

See first this photo from an earlier Wishetwurra Farm Garden Tour. The winter squash and pumpkin patch is to the right end of the garden. The baby cucurbits are nestled under white garden fabric, a day after being transplanted. The cover is necessary, otherwise squash bugs and striped cucumber beetles would reduce the little plants leaves to stubs. Image taken July second.
The next photograph is July 30. Taken from the same vantage point, with the camera sixteen feet above ground level. What a difference a month makes.

July 30, 2012.

That little sea of green over there to the right is the squash patch.  Next up is a closer view.

Thirty days after transplanting, the squash has enthusiastically occupied its allotted space.

Having run out of room at ground level, the plants are moving up the fence.

Ground level space filled, the vines are heading up. Assuming no mass attack of bugs or stem borers, and no early outbreak of powdery mildew, where will they travel in another month?

Underneath the leaves, fruit is setting and getting bigger.

Future “Waltham” butternut squash.

Future pumpkin.

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