Danger in Menemsha

Menemsha is the Wharf Rat’s dream. It’s a sensory place. So much to see. Interesting sounds. Interesting odors…Seaweed. Fish, fresh and fish not so fresh. Wet sand.

Moist air carries smells well.

There are enticing aromas from “The Galley” restaurant.

Across Menemsha Creek, low clouds roll, clump, and spiral.

Clouds above Squibnocket.

To the north and northeast, clouds thinned. A foretaste of tomorrow’s clear weather.

There would be a peekaboo sunset later, one of those sunsets that bursts out in hot oranges and reds as soon as the sun gets below the cloud deck.

Further up the channel, wings are spread out to dry.

Cormorants are adept swimmers. Their population has exploded over the last few decades.

Menemsha is idyllic, but there are dangers…

Be careful.

It’s a jungle out there…

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