Don’t you love those lists of “secret vacation spots” you read about?

How about :”TOP TEN UNKNOWN DESTINATIONS FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS!” Or, “UNDISCOVERED BEACH RESORTS!”? I don’t know about you, but whenever  want to really keep a secret, I make sure to publish all the exciting details in a mass-market magazine.

I’ll give away a few undiscovered secrets in this post. A soon-to-come post will give away an even secreter secret.

At the Wishetwurra Farm garden, July brings shallots and onions.

Alli-“yums”. Ten shallots and one onion.  The five cent piece is for scale. A US nickel is one inch in diameter.

The summer squash make their appearance.

“Signore Pasquale” variety of “Striata de Napoli” Italian zucchini. As the Italians say, “zucchino”. Now you know another garden secret. These squash are great. 

The tomatoes whiten, show tint, and then glow in the full hue of ripeness.

Here they come!!!

One of last year’s “secret undiscovered discoveries” was this Italian tomato.

The Costoluto genovese tomato.

Now you know another secret undiscovered discovery.

The Costoluto Genovese, with all those lobes, looks funny to the American gardener’s eyes. To see it, and to taste it, is to lobe it. Not only is it delicious, when sliced crossways it reveals crimson beauty.

A cross-sectional slice. Very nice.

Let’s say that one morning a Nice Lady goes out to the garden and returns with a basket of tomatoes.

So many ‘maters, it’s dizzying…
Out of this swirled!

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