Circuit Avenue. A Few Details. From There and From Not There.

A few details from Circuit Avenue, the Main Street of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.

Detail from Beth Serusa’s window display at her store, “Simply Soaps”.

There’s so much detail to be seen on “Marvellous Martha’s Vineyard”.

Shopwindow light.

Now, before you eagle-eyed editor types whip out your virtual red pencils, be advised that I actually do know that “marvelous” has a single “L”. In my family, the custom of using two “L”s, when describing the Vineyard, is an old “in joke”. Our spelling whim may originate from a postcard we saw, back in the ‘fifties, which made that misspelling. Whatever  the source, our orthographic habit is ingrained.

When it comes to “marvelous” and “Martha’s Vineyard, I almost always go “Two L”.

The Devil, you say.

The “Not From There” image. This Devil is from the Seattle, Washington church where one of my daughters got married.

Circuit Avenue is a heavily traveled location, and is the site of much “Postering”. Postering is a staple PR tool, and leaves fastenating textures.

Thank you, “DAW”, for “fastenating”.

A fastenated utility pole. No more Com Electric. Now it’s NSTAR, and they’re merging and probably headed for another name change. Before Com Electric there was New Bedford G & E, and before that it was Cape and Vineyard Electric, and before that I don’t know. Maybe some of the few remaining old timers do.

Here’s a historic doorstep. There was a time when every town in New England had an A&P on its Main Street. The “supermarket” back then was the size of a gas station convenience store today. Now even the big A&P in Vineyard Haven is gone. It was bought out by Stop & Shop. All we have to remind us of the former name is the ampersand.

Durable mosaic tile

The sign painter is fond of the stained glass “G”, over the door of Giordano’s Restaurant.


Seven days in a week, seven sides to a heptagram, seven is a prime number and a lucky number, and there are seven seas and seven sins.

The Ancients had their Seven Wonders, and in their cosmology there were seven planets.

This post has seven photographs.

4 responses to “Circuit Avenue. A Few Details. From There and From Not There.

  1. I remember being in that A&P when I was little. Loved the smell of grinding your own coffee beans in the big machines…still love that smell.

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