Martha’s Vineyard Cactus

Summer’s here. The other day, I had forty cars in front of me at the four-way stop at the intersection of Barnes Road and the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. There was a whole two minute wait before one could pass through. Shocking.

I’d previously been delayed by the NSTAR electric company crew, replacing a pole that had been taken out by an accident on Old County Road. Going down-island in the summer is likely to involve delay. Late afternoon traffic down-island is almost always clogs and clots of vehicles. Stop and go traffic can easily extend a half mile out of Vineyard Haven. Locals travel early or late, if they can, or take a chance midday on a good beach day, hoping every tourist has gone swimming. Do not try this midday trick on a rainy day, when shopping in town becomes the diversion of choice for the visitor.

Earlier in the day, the lights flickered several times, and then quit. Then there were sirens in the distance. No one was hurt. If you look carefully at the photo, you can see a chunk of the old pole, weighting down the phone and cable wires.

Delay can be pedestrian, too. I have seen the passenger line for the ferry extend from the onramp to the back of the terminal building, then all the way around the building, over to the edge of the parking area, and from there over to the Black Dog. That’s a line at least five or six hundred feet long.

The main reason for my down-island run was to see the folks at the Edgartown Yacht Club. They had some signs that needed work, and wanted some other signs made new. Salt water is tough on signs.

Coming into Edgartown, just after you pass Donaroma’s Nursery, Lawry’s restaurant has been replaced by a “cantina” named Sharky’s. There’s a big shark on the gable  end of the building where the entrance is. In the interest of full disclosure, I have not been inside since the Lawry’s name went down, and so cannot report on the inside decor. Which might be “decor”.

Their road sign is, well, tacky. The margin of their parking area is horticulted with a faux-desert theme, and has cactus. Cactus??????? What’s cactus doing here????  The cactus made me detour immediately into their parking area. Amazing. You just don’t see cactus like this everyday.

The wiki article on topiary is worth a visit.

Their “cactus” is topiary. Arborvitae, common name white cedar, has been given a wire foundation and then has been shaved into saguaroesque arm-itude.

Good grief.

But what the heck, why not?

2 responses to “Martha’s Vineyard Cactus

  1. It took me half an hour to get through Five Corners the other day. My own stupid fault: why was I trying to get from OB to WT through VH at 4:45 on a weekday afternoon? Earlier this week I drove from Edgartown to OB on the Beach Road, something I rarely do in summer. I was thrilled to see lots of kids, both male and female, getting ready to jump off the bridge that says NO JUMPING OFF THE BRIDGE on it. 🙂

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