Unos Insectos de Costa Rica

Nobody really has an exact number for how many different kinds of insects live in Costa Rica. That little isthmian country, the size of Massachusetts, is incredibly species-rich. “Inbio” says 300,00 species, or about 4% of the world’s insect species, may be found in Costa Rica.

( ).

You’re a bug? On that twisty, geologically young bridge between North and South America, there are habitats from desert to rainforest, and from montane to marine.  There’s someplace comfy for you in Costa Rica. Guaranteed.

Here are photographs of a few of the insect inhabitants of that happy country.

A praying mantis.

An assassin bug.

Here’s an assassin bug, enjoying a meal of “killer” bee.
A longhorn beetle.
Here is a moth whose defense is to look like a leaf. How delightful.
And here is the same moth, backlit with a flashlight.
How “lightful”?
This foot does not belong to Cinderella.
Here is the owner of the above foot. Those antennae keep going and going……….
And lastly, the photograph that inspired this post.
It’s a sudden-“flash” wings display, and it’s what this critter does when startled or annoyed,

before it tries to fly away.



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