Menemsha Two Half Dozen Doozy

There’s enough Menemsha left over for another post.

My grandmother had a friend visiting her here in West Tisbury, back in the late ‘fifties. The woman’s ability to mangle place names surpassed the usual “Oaks Bluff” for “Oak Bluffs” contingent. She could of course “Oaks Bluff” with the best of them, but easily surpassed that common mangulation.

On her Vineyard, Menemsha was pronounced “Mememsha”, and Alley’s Store was  invariably “Abilene’s”. It may have been in her honor that our family created the location of “Chappasquidnoppadiddick”. Chappasquidnoppaddick still comes up in conversation from time to time, and at least once a year I ask a police officer how to get there. The request is usually treated gracefully, and directions are usually forthcoming.

But we were on the subject of Menemsha. Menemsha, for many, means boats.

The “Corrina” sets out on a trip.

The Corrina is a don’t-make’em-like-they-used-to boat.

Corrina. Built 1978. 59 tons, 55′, Captain Steve Norberg.

The Quitsa Strider II battles rust and government regulations. We’re told that the bow cut off is because certain fisheries were deemed off-limits to vessels over a certain size. When participating in such fishing, the QSII now removes its nose and soldiers on. As it says in the Bible, “…not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life…”

The Quitsa Strider II was also built in 1978.

In which we ask the government regulators to “take a bow”….

Looking through.

The exterior, tween-buildings hallway of Poole’s frames boats across the harbor.

And looking into.

Sometimes the nautical has surprising touches of domesticity.

A half dozen is enough for now.

Is a dozen a dozen because there are twelve moons in a year?

Dozen is “Douzaine”, in French, from “douze” for twelve. In Spanish it’s “docena”. Romanian, “duzina”. Italian “dozzina”.

From the Latin, “duodecem” for twelve.

The thirteen of the baker’s dozen is also known as the “long dozen”.

But nothing to do with “It’s a Doozy”. A Doozy is the legendary Duesenberg automobile.

But I digress.


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