Farmers Market Details.

Not Every Zucchini is Perfect.

The Farmers Market in West Tisbury is not just pretty flowers, perfect vegetables, the gorgeous  jar of jam or jelly, the interestingly flavored snail roll or the fresh-from-the-sea lobster. Farmers Market is also the theater of the market town, the interplay between buyer and seller, and the contrasts between the see-and-be-seen social life of the summer resident and the camaraderie of the locals, who depend on this market to survive economically. Farmer’s Market is also the playground next door. The full picture of Farmers Market includes the details you’ll not find in the “ooh-ah” cliché photos of vibrant bouquets and lush bunches of carrots, beets and radishes.

There are things to be seen behind and under the tablecloths of the vendors.

What I enjoy most about Farmers Market are these interplays and details. To share, here are a few of them. What’s it like when the bouquet departs the bucket?

Yang and yin in the bottom of the barrel?

Linda Alley decorates the tops of her jams, jellies and condiments with a tie of yarn and a piece of fabric. Her friends and customers often give her remnants and more. You can never tell what you’ll see on top of the blueberry jam. Peace, brother….

When I was a kid, a mother (the woman has a baby in a carrier on her front) with all this ink would have caused a sensation. Now? Tattoos may not be mainstream, but they’re ubiquitous.

In the playground next door, boys have found an ant.

Elsewhere on the ground, there is footwear to see. And to be seen in.

Footwear portrait of Sylvie and Ray. I’ve known Sylvie since she could fit into the boot she’s wearing here. She has been a sparkling ball of fire since Day One. A privilege of “age” is to see babies become grownups.

More shoes. The commercialization of Martha’s Vineyard never ceases to astonish. We’ve had black dogs, blue bluefish, and now we have the whale. The pink, and in this case, the polka-dotted whale. With almost-matching toenail polish.

These folks, and their footwear, caught the eye.

“May I take a picture of your shoes?”

They obliged, quickly and cheerfully coming up with this pose.

With such attitude, this couple will not be defeated.


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