All Living Things Belong to One Another

When my father was young, he  went through a period of illness when he had to stay home from school.

Radio was not yet avaiable, so what was a bedridden child to do?

Read the Encyclopedia.

Read The Book Of Knowledge, published in the very first part of the 20th century.

Start at A.

Finish at Z.

What the bedridden child read. Bedridden. There’s a word you don’t hear much nowadays.

Learn about plants. How important they are….

“If plants were not here to study, we would not be here to study them…”

That last sentence—written one hundred years ago—is a good one, no?

A good thought to remember.


One response to “All Living Things Belong to One Another

  1. It is a good one, and still true today! My comment is obvious, but the fact of its truth is ever worthy of our attention.

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