Feet in the Wash

Our blood is the same salinity as ocean water. Is that a reason we so love the sea? Deep down, do we wish we could swim as the seals?

When people go to the beach, they often walk, or stand in the wash of the surf.

The force of the water passing in each direction erodes your feet into the sand with each passing wave. Push, pull, push, pull, the was rushes back and forth, each wave embeds you more deeply.

Each wave digs you in twice, first with the onrush, then with the outrush. The water and foam are briefly discolored by suspended particles, but on this beach there is little silt, so the sand settles swiftly. The swift blink of the camera captures what our eyes cannot see. Surface tension collapses strings into spheres.

There are ephemeral structures of foam. A sculptor could make a career out of duplicating these shapes.

Four feet in the water and foam.

There is another, unseen set of feet, above the four feet seen here. They can’t walk yet, and are carried higher up, out of sight. 

Next year around this time, those little feet will discover splashing in the surf.



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