We Meet Death on the Beach

We went to the beach the other day.

The breeze was gentle, and except for the ocean water still being cool, it was one of those perfect days to go to the shore.

After picnicking and playing and talking and building things out of driftwood, we walked east to visit the pond behind the dunes.

What we saw as we headed east. The two birds are oystercatchers.

Just before we crossed over to the pond, we met death.

A dead gannet.

The gannet is still forever, in a pose that echoes the form of its fish-seeking dive when still alive.

The gannet is a big bird, a strong flier, and an incredible diver.

There is power behind that beak. The beak is strong, long, and sharp, to better find and to hold slippery and elusive fish.

The little boy studied the dead bird.

And went to play in the pond.

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