Aleatory Number Three is O-Two-Sixty (Minus)

Aleatory Number Three is actually semi-aleatory. The editor stepped in, and nixed a couple of items. One got the hook because it’s something I don’t want you to see, and the other was eighty-sixed because it includes people I would prefer to have permission from before posting their photos online. You’re not missing much. As the constabulary would say, move along now…

Move along to Alley’s Store, where the ghost of Old Beanie Alley puffs on his cigar as he cuts another slice of cheddar from the big wheel behind the counter.

Alley’s Store, West Tisbury. A late January snowstorm has turned into mizzle and fog, and the slushy snow is disappearing. Only 4:30PM, and it’s getting near to dark.

The Appalachian Mountains were once as high as the Rocky Mountains out west. But that was almost a half a billion years ago. That’s even older than Beanie Alley.

I love flying. Here, seen from miles above, are the well-eroded Appalachian Mountains in midwinter. To see the planet from above is such an incredible opportunity. Why would you get lost in “SkyMall” when views like this are outside your window?

Next is an ole critter from Costa Rica. (sorry) It was actually upside down on a concrete column, but the image has been rotated for your viewing pleasure.

Costa Rica. Lizard. Why is that tail so long?

There were so many of these flowers along a stretch of sidewalk that I got euphorbic.

Seattle, Washington. May. Sidewalk planting.

Guidebooks often call the Orosi Valley an “undiscovered gem”. If it’s so undiscovered, how do they know about it? Others call it “the most beautiful valley in Costa Rica”. It is certainly a very, very beautiful valley. Another says that the town has the oldest church in Costa Rica, but otherwise there’s not much to see there. For anyone who cares to spend any time in the town, and who can appreciate a small town, the place is interesting, and reveals itself to you just a layer or two at a time. There are  world of stories in this little place.

Costa Rica.The Orosi Valley again. We’re looking north. The orange accents are the poró in bloom. The Latin name is cool. Erythrina poeppigiana. The blazing color of these trees is one of the highlights of the dry season in Costa Rica.

The next photo comes from our own back yard. Well, our Cape Cod back yard. What can you say??? I hated taking this picture, and it made me sad.

Unattended baby in the parking lot of the Falmouth, Massachusetts, Stop & Shop supermarket on a hot August day. Here, kid, play with this plastic bag while I go get a bag of cheetos. Or whatever.

Airport tarmacs can yield their own world of images. They’re a happy hunting ground for the photographer of the built environment, and the seeker of the abstract or colorful image.

Tarmac markings.

There is a tompostpile article called “Hop on Pop” if you want more poppiness.

The ever-irresistible poppy.

When I say that this bathroom is inspirational, it’s true. One of the corners taught me that the camera is not just a collector of images, but is also an artistic tool of surprising capacity. One of the things a sign maker has to do, in order to make good signs, is to stop reading them and to start looking at them.  A photographer can benefit by not looking at what’s specifically in a photo, like Aunty Mary, or the weird snake, and paying more attention what what the photo is, like color or shape or emotional content. A photograph

Cold water never feels so good as it does from a shower on a hot day in the tropics. Costa Rica. The colors in this room have been inspirational to me, but more on that in another post, on another day.


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