Aleatory Album Number One:1132

As stated in the previous post: I’ve always been fascinated by random happenings. I got to wondering what an album of photos picked by random numbers might be like. I’ve asked “” for five random four-digit numbers between 0001 and 9999. The reason for four digit numbers is that my camera numbers images with that range. At this moment there are 36,455 images in my files, so each randomly generated number should yield anywhere from two to a dozen images.

The first of’s five numbers was 1132. Six “hits” came up with a search for pictures with these ID digits. Four of the images are from Costa Rica. One is from the garden at Wishetwurra farm, and one is from Falmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. The images are presented in chronological order, oldest pictures first.

Image number one is from Costa Rica. It is an experimental fifteen-second exposure, shot by the light of the full moon. Taken in 2009 with my old Canon 630 point-and-shoot. The camera was on a tripod. I am holding a flashlight in front of me, which points at my face and chest. There were three pauses on the way from the house to the camera. On the right hand side of the image there are two more ghostly traces from the last few seconds of the exposure.

One of a series of full-moon long exposure experiments.

The next photo is also from Costa Rica. February, 2010. A trailside tree, in the southern zone of the country. I was attracted by the huge vine, spiraling up the trunk. The lushness of the tropical forest is incredible.

The trees grow tall, and can grow quickly, too, when there is never frost to stop growth, and when daylength throughout the year ranges between eleven and a half and twelve and a half hours, from winter to summer.

Fly on buckwheat blossom. June 2010. In the Wishetwurra Farm garden. From time to time I roam the garden, seeing what’s happening, and taking pictures.

Buckwheat gets planted in the Wishetwurra garden to provide food for insects, and, when tilled into the soil, to build structure and fertility. Buckwheat pancakes are a wonderful thing. Some people love buckwheat hull pillows.

Kayakers. Rio Orosi, Orosi, Costa Rica. January 2011. Photo taken from a pedestrian suspension bridge that crosses the river. It’s a lovely bridge, high above the water at the time the photo was taken, but in the rainy season, the quantities of water that come through here are enormous. This river feeds a dammed lake that produces considerable hydroelectric power.

The Orosi valley is a gem of a Costa Rican town. Relatively untouristed. There’s a funky spanish school in town, which is why we were there. The school is called Montaña Linda.

Costa Rica again. February, 2011. We were on a road trip to the southernmost part of Costa Rica. This photo is from the town of Golfito. Golfito was once a booming banana town. Then, in 1985, United Fruit abandoned Golfito. Banana diseases were increasing, and workers were striking for better pay and better working conditions. United Fruit said, “Eh”, and left. Dontcha love them corporations?

Home Sweet Home. This is a little homestead parked on the bones of what was once intended to be a much grander structure. The gray framework is a reinforced concrete skeleton for a never-completed edifice. Now serving as support for clotheslines, on which are hung a bunch of kids’ clothes. They’re hung outside since it’s the dry season. It will be wet, very wet, in other times of the year. Golfito is rainy. They can get 200 inches or more in a year.

The final 1132 is from early October, 2011. The location is the eastern shore of Buzzard’s Bay, in Falmouth, Massachusetts. I like the way the angle of the seaweed deposit on the beach echoes the angle of the cloud edges in the sky. The two viewed together make an “S” shape in the organization of the picture.

Thanks for visiting Aleatory Album One:1132.

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