Pedro, Tomàs!!  Mire!

Mecho called to us from the path that led up the mountain. He wanted us to come see something.

One of the flowering shrubs he had planted had had a big piece of itself cut off during the night. A six foot long branch, about 3/4″ thick at the base, was lying on the ground. The photo in the previous post was the end of that fallen section. The photo below is what the stub on the shrub looked like.

That’s some chewing. What did this? Not one of the black Costa Rican squirrels that scoot around the place. Not monkey, not rat. Not beaver, or otter.


Beetle, actually.

There on the fallen branch was the culprit.

A solid, slightly hairy beetle with antennae that tip-to-tip were further apart that the critter’s body was long. 

Here is the beetle in a human’s fingers, for scale.

Here’s a straight-on shot. Look at those jaws. There’s some powerful biting power there.

Here’s a final shot, of the beetle in late afternoon Costa Rican sun.

I have no idea what species of longhorn beetle this is. If I ever find out, you’ll hear about it.


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