Whodunit??? (And a Father’s Day Digression)

I am feeling lazy. Yesterday was a long day, with much work, mostly digging in the garden. Did you ever have an infestation of bindweed? Condolences, that stuff’s aggressive.

In between garden work sessions was a long music gig with the Flying Elbows, at the Morning Glory Farm Annual Strawberry Festival. The MGF Strawberry Festival is a highlight of the presummertime on Marvellous Martha’s Vineyard. It’s Big fun,…please come, next year, if you get the chance.

To follow through with laziness theme, and to be able to check the garden before heading off to a family waffle breakfast, I am going to post but a single photo, to whet your interest for what is to come.

There will be some digression, after the photo…

If you know what did the cutting shown in the picture, let me know, and spare me the trouble of writing the “whodunit” explanation post tomorrow. One hint: this photograph was taken in Costa Rica.

This shrubstem is about 3/4″ thick. What cut it?

Department of Digression: if you are a crossword puzzle fan, you have no doubt often encountered the word “enate”, meaning a mother’s-side relation, or related on the mother’s side. A highly useful word, enate, the least common letter is the “n”. And “n” is number six on the frequency-of-use list. “Etaoin shrdlu ” is how that list begins — has anyone ever named a child Etaoin Shrdlu?

Since today is Father’s Day, it’s time to trot out the word that means father’s-side relation, or related on the father’s side. I have completed thousands of crosswords puzzles, and have never seen this word used.

agnate \ag-neyt\, noun:

1. A relative whose connection is traceable exclusively through males.
2. Any male relation on the father’s side.

1. Related or akin through males or on the father’s side.
2. Allied or akin.

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