I’ve spent a lot of time in the sign shop, telling people “NO”.

No trespassing. No littering. No smoking.

No cell phones. No tennis after 6PM.

No no no no no no no.

Signs tell you where to go.

Signs are used, in large part, for behavioral control.




Some signs are more neutral, and simply provide information. Do with it what you will. Here is the famous “HORSE ROSSIN” sign from Old County Road.

And then, there is: “SLOW”.

“Slow” is actually really good advice. Life would be saner if we weren’t, so many of us, going so darned fast. Human being, not human doing, and all that.

I make a sign that has in black the silhouette of a running child, and in red the word SLOW. Hundreds of iterations of this sign have come out of the shop in the last thirty years.

Sometimes the sign painter has to stop.

Stop making the same old same old, and make a sign for his own pleasure.

Which I do from time to time.

Here is a variation on “SLOW” that just turned up in a stack of old work. On a shelf in the shop entry. It was made about fifteen years ago.

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