Hop on Pop!

Another round of poppies are popping by the doorside.

Bud about to pop.

Even though we were headed for the ferry, and might have to hurry to make the boat……

Around the curve, just before the village of Woods Hole. Will we make the ferry?

I could not keep from dallying for a minute to pop off a few poppy pictures. Hop on pop.

Not much detail can be found in the reds. The color contrast between the red and the green is so intense that it even blows the camera’s sensor.

Poppies are proficient producers of eyepopping purples.

And if you get even nosier, and (ahem) pull down a petal or two, you get an internal perspective.

Pulchritudinous poppy parts!

One response to “Hop on Pop!

  1. That’s just the way I feel when I round that curve to Woods Hole 🙂
    Love the poppy pictures.

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