Six Sights Seen Two

Another six things seen.

The other day we were on the water, on a tiny ferry, from which these first three things were seen.

Cormorants resting. None have their wings hung out to dry, so they must be digesting a meal or warming up.

Anglers waving. Nice paint job on that boat. One of these days I’ll show you some photos of the SS “Swimmy Minami”, whose color scheme is equally splendid.

And a delightful duo, happily atilt. They won’t be planing anytime soon.

We move to land, to a cottage by the sea, with roof detail like you seldom see. There are one hundred and forty panes of glass in this photo. That’s almost a gross.

A walk into the woods, and we find a lady’s slipper orchid, with last year’s seed pod.

And in a nearby park, at an annual May festival, the hand of a new human.

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