Six Sights Seen

There’s been lots to see lately.

As the USA Memorial Holiday weekend looms, posts may be short, and primarily pictorial. Honored guests from the Big City will be coming for a rare visit. For much of the weekend your blogger will also have his musician hat on. Two favorite annual gigs are scheduled this weekend. The first is a sheepshearing festival, and the second is a town picnic. At the sheepshearing festival, baaed is good, and at the town picnic, which is a marker for the start of the summer season, one of the great blessings is the sight of yellow-eye grass in the green lawn, under new-leaved giant oaks, on the grounds of the old brick victorian pumping station.

On to the pictures. If you want to attract small boys, simply make a twelve-foot high pile of greasy red clay. Apply rain, and wait…

In Woods Hole the other day, it was bright and sunny. At streetside in front of the old Woods Hole gas station, now a parking lot, was a vegetable kingdom yang and yin.

But there was fog on the Elizabeth Islands.

And on Vineyard Sound, that fog was thick.

The day before, we’d seen these dock piling reflections on Menemsha Harbor.

An hour or so later, the SouthEast breeze was increasing. We sheltered in beach dune-lee  and bade temporary farewell to our star.

In August, hundreds of people will be here to say sayonara to the sun.

And as the last direct rays of the sun vanish,

They will cheer, and lustily applaud.

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