Things that Live in a Crotch

While walking on School Street, in the village of Woods Hole, in more of a hurry than I should have been, I suddenly stopped, my eye attracted by the sight of a crotch, and an interesting hole. I put down my pack, and pulled out the camera. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

I’d walked by this marvelous trunk and limb before, and never noticed its particular specialness.

What might that be?

Don’t be bashful. Take a good look at that crotch. Is that a cedar tree in there?

It is! Now step back and admire again. How many different things are growing here, eight feet above ground?

In addition to mosses and lichens, there are grasses, the cedar tree, an elm sapling, and some privet bushes. Out of modesty, I did not inspect more closely. You’d probably find other things in there if you looked.

Did you ever see so many different things in one crotch?

No, no…stop!

That’s a rhetorical question.

One response to “Things that Live in a Crotch

  1. Yesterday morning Travvy looked in a crotch — it was about his eye level — and found the cereal bowl and spoon that our fourth-grade neighbor had left there. (She is frequently late and so eats breakfast while walking to school.)

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