Down to No Seeds and Just One Stem.

When you feel like taking pictures, you can almost always find something interesting within a hundred feet of your front door. If you can’t, you’re either on a mission or you’re not really looking.

Within a few feet of the “Dos Rios” house in Costa Rica is a small palm tree.

Below are photographs of its stem.

There are seven photographs in this post. They were taken in a seven minute period, one late afternoon in mid-February..

At this time of day, the sun is nearing the ridge top to our west. Light’s intensity lessens, dark will soon come.

In this late day shade, each level, each side, looks different.

Higher on the stem, leaf sheaths are still present. Their angles now cover the horizontal node stripes.

Wrapping the stem, these sheaths support the palm’s large leaves…

Closer to the ground, some the internodal areas have strong patterns. I do not know how they are formed.

But they can be almost pictorial.

An abstract expressionist painter could base a career on these shapes and colors.

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