An Asilidae at Lunch

Just a quickie today. The garden is whining, and so is the to-do list. Wishetwurra Farm wants more taters planted, and there are another dozen broccoli waiting to be transplanted. The weather is warming up at last, and one of these days we’ll break out of this cool spell.

Here’s a phenomenon for you:

The Asilidae are known as robber flies. They’re agile, strong, fast predators. They catch their prey on the wing, stab them, and after injecting them with paralytic juices, and probably other enzymes that break down proteins, suck themselves a meal.

Dragonflies and their kin are incredible flyers, too, but one day a while back there was a flash of movement on the front stoop, and there appeared a robber fly with a freshly snagged meal.

That’s some fine flying, fly.


3 responses to “An Asilidae at Lunch

  1. As everyone in my family knows, I love Dragonflies, but I certainly don’t like these robber flies.

  2. I’ve wondered what those ugly, stinger-bearing flies were. Now I know: robber flies, and not some mutant form of wasp. I wonder: do they sting humans? Help me, wikipedia!

  3. And the answer is, no, the Asilidae do not sting humans. They are purely insectivores.

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