Wishetwurra Farm May Closeups

Early May tomato seedlings start to branch, and soon flash yellows and oranges.

Many First Blossoms are appearing, and with these blossoms come the promise of future food.

The tomato cousin, the tomatillo, has an interesting bloom.

These blossoms typically hang straight down, so you don’t see how cute they are unless you chuck them under their chins.

Onions imitate Russian Orthodox Churches…oh, wait, it’s the other way around. My stepfather, Everett Whiting once remarked, during a period when fungi were in a sudden spate of plenty, “These mushrooms are popping up like little western mining towns!”

Allium fistulosum


Strawberries are laying the groundwork for June abundance.

From Wiki: The garden strawberry was first bred in Brittany, France, in the 1750s via a cross of Fragaria virginiana from eastern North America and Fragaria chiloensis, which was brought from Chile by Amédée-François Frézier in 1714.

From these. Come June peas.

For many years, the plural of peas was pease.

And in the meantime, pea blossoms feed other hungry. How hungry is a newly-emerged butterfly, like this spicebush swallowtail?

Papilio troilus

Seeds. They’re tiny miracles of potentiality. And of continuity, too. A year ago, these columbines were tiny, glossy grains in a seed package. Look at them now!

Two birds in one! The common name columbine comes from the latin word for “dove”. The latinate species name, aquilegia, means “eagle”.

In blossom, a spider lurks.

Crab spider. Not to be confused with spider crab.

Wee beasties wander dandelion petal forests.

And the emerald bee wallows, abuzz, in cactus stamens.

These are “Halictid” bees. http://www.cirrusimage.com/Bees_halictid.htm

Soon, bigger bumblebees will be busy in the rhodies.

Genus Bombus. There are over 250 species of bumblebees.


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