Beach Babies II

The one in the Middle got his Zebra, and we headed for the car, to go there.

Mr. Middle would fall asleep for most of the trip there, and a good part of the time there, but don’t these stripes look nice together?

We got there, and settled in.

The oldest one went to altogethersville almost instantly, and headed for where he loves best, where he has loved, no matter what the temperature, since he was teensy. The water. Today the ocean temperature is in the low fifties. Cool enough to make a grownup’s ankles hurt within thirty seconds of immersion. Does he care?

The cousin comes near to the water.

Which gets him.

With inevitable results.

There is a children’s book called “A Hole is to Dig”. He dug.

Mr. Middle did wake up in time to take in some Sea Air.

But sooner or later, you have to go home.

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