Pluvialis squatarola

Until yesterday, I knew squat about Pluvialis squatarola.

Had never seen one, either. Had never met anyone named “squatarola” before.

What a handle.

We made a rule to go to the beach at least once a day. Despite thunderstorms cruising around, we went, to Beach Access #7, under darkling sky, and while standing next to a tide pool, encountered a strikingly patterned bird, an almost fearless “Pluvialis squatarola”, known commonly as either the gray plover, or the black-bellied plover.

Beaches on Sanibel are full of people. Consequently, many of the birds here are habituated to humans, and don’t pay them much heed. This well-dressed avian was wading about, looking for whatever.

Bath time.

Bath over….

Time to preen…

See you later, handsome bird.

Have a safe migration to the far northern arctic, where you will be breeding soon.

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