They Were What?

One April morning, the weather was warm enough to have some of the windows open. I was minding my own business, drinking a mug of tea and reading in the living room, when there arose a terrific buzzing from out on the south deck. From the corner of my eye I saw motion, and heard a small impact, followed by more loud buzzing.

The commotion was unignorable, and I got up to see what was going on. There, on the doormat, were two of those usually mild mannered brown Polistes wasps, having what looked like a major battle. The critters looked distracted enough so that getting some interesting shots looked possible. The camera was close by.

There were two wasps, fiercely contesting with each other.

There was some no-joking action going on.

The buzzing never stopped, nor did the motion.

Until a brief pause, when the reality of what was happening became clear.

Five seconds later, they were done.

Five seconds after that they had separated.

And seconds later, each one flew away.


One response to “They Were What?

  1. Spring has sprung with a wham, bam, thank-you m’am, and a don’t let the screen doormat hit you on the way out.

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