Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue. Early April, these last few days, has been Yellow and Blue.

I learned at an early age that yellow and blue make green. But green will come later, today is just Yellow and Blue. Under the oak tree that Hurricane Bob took the top from, there’s a patch of anemones. They like the lawn OK, but they like the leaf-mulched area at the base of this oak even better. A lot of the small bulbs like to have room for their roots, and don’t like competition from grass. Notice, sometime, how well snowdrops and crocuses do when they’re interplanted with myrtle.

Anemone is also called “Grecian Windflower”

Anemones will spread, if they like where they’ve been planted. Their bulbs are relatively inexpensive when bought in quantities of a hundred. There are pinks and whites, in addition to blues, but this is not Pink and White Day.

As anemones reseed, their colors begin to vary.

Moving on to yellow, when I went into the yard with the camera, the daffodils seduced me again. Daffodils cast wonderful shadows on themselves. An often overlooked glory of the daffodil is the bud sheath, which is beautifully striated, and becomes as delicate as tissue paper.

You can’t see the trumpet directly, but “the shadow knows….”

The sunlight was incredibly intense. I picked a blossom, and held the Yellow up to the Blue sky of early April.

An offering to the sky

The intensity of the flower, the sun, and the focus on photographing the yellow and blue made it hard to keep my balance. I didn’t expect sunlight and a flower to make me stagger, but it happened. Isn’t it amazing what Yellow and Blue can do?

Yellow and Blue,

Yellow and Blue,

Yellow and Blue.

2 responses to “Yellow and Blue

  1. Yellow and blue! I love the startled surprise when flower against sky made you stagger. Some moments are just like that.

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