Logophilia and Nekkidity

“Gumnos”, in Greek, means “naked”. Who knew?  Not me.

Half of a gymnastic pursuit scene, by the sculptor Tom Maley

Gumnos turns up in a handful of English words, as “gym” and “gymn”. As in gymnosperm, which is a naked seed. Or in gymnasium. Don’t tell that to any school bureaucraticadministrator types, or they’re going to do some PC renaming of the subject. And for heaven’s sakes, don’t tell Santorum!

Upper Half of Gymastic Gentleman, in pursuit (hot) of Gymnastic Lady. Sculpture by Tom Maley.

The Greek  “gumnazein” literally means “to exercise naked”. Those Greeks got buffed up in the buff. Folks used to participate in the Olympic Games, in the altogether. Or is it “their altogethers”? If the IOC ever starts losing ratings at their quadrennial spectacles, perhaps they’ll return to their “roots”, and reinstitute their original dress code. Hoo-hah!

A gymnastic duo, by Tom Maley

The photographs of the Tom Maley statues were taken from the edge of the West Tisbury Library parking lot. Thank you, and RIP, Tom, for your lifetime devoted to the Muse. As long as there are people alive who knew him, the twinkle of Tom’s eye will remain undimmed. With apologies to anyone offended by my bowdlerizing, the images of this particular work have been cropped, in an effort to keep this site “decent”, but really. You know what’s going on here. This sculpture has probably given many a bibliophiliac child their first artistic view of an enthusiastic boner.

Here’s a side question for you. When are they going to change the name of that gym down-island to “Oak Buffs”?

There was a group of Hindu mystics, long ago, called “gymnosphers”.  The gymnosophers wore little or no clothing, while engaged in lives of deep contemplation.

Yesterday afternoon I was soaking in in a nice, hot, full bathtub.

Gymnosophizing with a crossword puzzle.


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