A Half Dozen of Trees, Please.

I love trees. We’ll start with the birch tree. This one is in New Hampshire. Martha’s Vineyard is not famous for birch trees. Bartholemew Gosnold mentions them in his writings, so we know they’ve been here for a while. But Gosnold was more interested in sassafrass, which was thought to be a VD cure.

Birch Clump. At Dot and Bernie's house.

Dancing silhouettes from Ridge Hill. Twist and shout.

The weird and wonderful Traveller’s Palm. Despite the name, it’s not a palm tree, and is more closely related to the bird-of-paradise. Wiki says: “It has been given the name “traveller’s palm” because the sheaths of the stems hold rainwater, which can be used as an emergency drinking supply, specially for the traveller, and also because the fan tends to grow in an east-west line, providing a crude compass.

Early spring budding, on an old West Tisbury homestead. These are in the Mill Brook valley, off Scotchman’s Lane.

A California Oak. From the yard of a Prunedale minifarm, which the owners call “The Prunederosa”. California oaks are iconic. Oakland is named for its oaks, but you won’t find many there now. Some day I’ll do a post with all California oaks.

Prunederosa Oak Tree

And finally, a nighttime image from a beautiful place. We’ll go back there sometime. Maybe next winter. These tall trees are not twenty years old. The sharp-eyed will notice Orion’s belt.

Young Trees on a Full Moon Night, Southern Costa Rica

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