Eos visits Oyster Pond

Wouldn’t you know. Write about Dawn, and Rosy Fingers, and then one happens, right before sunrise!

Two minutes later, the underlighting of the clouds had ended, and the mirror surface of the pond was gone. You can see the invading wind as a hairline streak of light on the right side of in the image.

3 responses to “Eos visits Oyster Pond

  1. This is truly a beautiful picture! If I may ask, what camera/lens/etc. did you use to take this picture (and. please, don’t tell me you took this with your cell phone!)?
    I love your verbal content; as an orthographer who never knew the word for my passion, I’m astounded by your concise, succinct and informative posts.
    The right word writes well every time!,

  2. My equipment philosophy, if you want to call it that, it to keep any “kit” to a minimum. For me, equipment becomes an expensive and confusing diversion from actually taking photographs. My first digital camera was a Canon A630, which I used until it wore out. By the time it died, I’ll bet I knew at least a tenth of what it was capable of. There are so many features on the digital cameras nowadays that I try to read and reread the manual often. At this time I use an increasingly beat-up Canon G11 camera. I like the G11 for its relatively small size, and for its excellent macro capability. Last year temptation hit, I broke my “only one camera at a time” vow, and I bought an SXis series Canon on craigslist, real cheap, from a desire to see what the world looks like in telephoto.

    • Thanks for the info! I’ve been thinking of getting a decent camera (my current digital camera is more for the point-and-shoot-for-Facebook photographer, and not the I-want-a-NatGeo-quality-picture photographer). Canon is my first choice, though Nikon might win if the prices are right.

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