Welcome to the TomPostPile

Welcome to the TomPostPile. Over the last few months, a “word a day” post has morphed into short daily essays. As I learn how to do this blogging thing, one thing is sure. There will be more morphing. One of these days I’ll learn how to post photos.

Today’s fB essay:

This morning, a cartoon is making the rounds on the internet.

Picture a half dozen socks, sitting in chairs, in a circle, in a meeting room. A sign on the wall says “Socks Without Partners”. One of the socks is speaking, and says, “The last thing I remember is being thrown into the dryer…”

Two days ago, I had an socks-without-partners moment , when an odd number of socks came down from the drying rack. We don’t use our dryer much.

Today, the mystery was solved, with the discovery of the lost partner, in the alley between bureau and wall, on the floor, to the far side of the clothes hamper. The next laundry cycle will rectify the oversight.

The right time time of day to reunite the socks? Evening.

My favorite odd socks story comes from John Athearn, who for many years was assistant teacher in the Edgartown School kindergarten. He’s always said that “assistant teacher” was the perfect job. No major responsibility, and you get to play all day. As a bonus, afternoons and summers are free, so you can play when you’re not at work. John has helped many people learn how to play, including me.

One day John noticed that one of his students was withdrawn, and down-in-the-dumps. At an opportune moment, John took the child aside, chatted him up, and asked how he was feeling. The child tearfully said that the laundry at his house hadn’t been done, that because of it, he was wearing mismatched socks, and felt actutely embarrassed and was afraid of being teased.

Serendipity had struck that day, for John had been in exactly the same situation with his socks that very morning. He looked at the kid, said “Look towards my feet”, and with a flourish, pulled up his pantlegs, revealing his own mismatched “pair”.

In an instant, a sad kid was a happy kid.

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